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The Basic Neapolitan Dough Recipe

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This is the basic recipe for making dough for a true "vera" Neapolitan pizza. These ingredients will be enough to make 6 pizzas. How to prepare the dough is part of a 3 part blog post starting here.


  • 1 kg type '00' flour

  • 600 ml water (at room temperature - 23c to 25c)

  • 30.6 g of fine sea salt

  • 0.22 g of fresh yeast (ideally brewers). If you cannot get fresh yeast use the same amount of dried yeast but activate it before using. Yes, this is a tiny amount of yeast and the recipe is correct.

To activate the dried yeast, take 2 to 3 tablespoons of room temperature water and sprinkle the dried yeast in to it. Let it sit until slightly foamy. You don't actually need to add sugar but if you want to be sure that the yeast is still alive you can sprinkle a slight pinch of sugar into the water.

To make 12 pizzas you simply double the quantities, except for the yeast. Use 0.3g of fresh yeast or the same amount of dried yeast (which has been activated).

You must use '00' (double zero) pizza flour - nothing else will give you the right result. Some common brands of '00' pizza flour include:

Other things you will need:

  • Proofing box(es)

  • Measuring jug

  • Kitchen scale

  • Micro scale (able to record the small measures of yeast you will use)

  • Stainless steel bowl

To prepare your dough follow the the instructions in the 3 part blog post starting here.



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