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Part 1 of 3 - How to prepare a vera "true" margherita pizza

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Here is Enzo Esposito, my instructor at AVPN, taking the class through the process for making a margherita pizza.

The dough he is using is at 60% hydration and has matured for about 14 hours overnight. Napoli was warm and humid at this time.

The video is in Italian but quite self-explanatory. A couple of things I will point out:

  • He forms the pizza base by hand - NO ROLLING PIN EVER!

  • As a result of the dough being properly matured, little flour is required to manipulate it

  • He is very careful to build and then protect the crust (cornicione) of the pizza. Note how when he first starts shaping the dough he pushes his fingers down very forcefully to establish the crust

  • When he is stretching and rotating the pizza note how he is using his fingers to cup under the crust as he stretches - avoid touching the crust if you can

  • Do not overload the toppings



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