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Part 2 of 3 - How to prepare a vera "true" margherita pizza

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Here is Enzo Esposito again taking the class through the process for making a margherita pizza.

In this, the second of a three part series, he shows how to transfer the pizza from the work top to the peel, size and shape it, and then launch it into the pizza oven.

The video is in Italian but quite self-explanatory. A couple of things I will point out:

  • Note how little flour is on the work top and how little he puts onto the peel and no corn meal or semolina in sight! The reason he is able to do this is because of the consistency of the dough and his confidence in handling the pizza

  • Enzo sizes and reshapes the pizza on the peel - note again how he cups his fingers under the crust as he is shaping and sizing

  • Although you don't see it, he did test the temperature of the oven with an IR thermometer before he even started making the pizza. If the temperature is not correct the pizza will not be right

  • When launching the pizza he keeps the peel at a shallow angle and uses a quick snatching motion to launch the pizza which retaining its shape



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